Beauty Fee Sabililah by Lina Ahmed (E-Book)

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This book takes readers on a journey to understand what it means to be beautiful. True Beauty is to be felt with all of our senses and incites us towards growth and self-actualization. This beauty can be found within the Divine teachings of the Quran and Prophetic traditions, which present alternatives to dominant beauty narratives, by emphasizing on our inner wellbeing as a tool to improve our outer appearances. Within the Islamic tradition, beauty blooms in the same garden as justice, health and love and acts as a repellent to the wasps of decadence, immorality and mental enslavement. With God’s Permission, this work will aid readers in the cultivation of beauty in all actions whether it is in spending, consuming, grooming and loving. To exercise our agency in defining and creating beauty for ourselves liberates us from our self imposed enslavement. That is why we say be beautiful (Fee Sabililah) for the sake of God because it is only under His Guidance that we can truly experience beauty in all of its splendor, health and glory.

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